Year Conferences/Seminars attended Title of paper read (if any)
1. 17-01-2001 Presentation to Canadian High Commissioner Mr. Peter Walker.
- Hon'ble secretary of State for International Development Ms. Clase Short, Govt. of Britain
- Dr. N.J.Kurian Advisor, Planning Commissioner
- Ms. Christine Wallach, Director ADB, Manila 
"Overview of the Economic Activities of the State & infrastructure facilities"
2. 30-10-2000 An Interface with the Chief Minister of MP, on at  Fedration House New Delhi, FICCI & businessmen of the country, representative of Central & State Govt., bank FIs economic journalists & Academicians.

(The state was ranked 17th among the 17 major states in terms of infrastructure index in 1994. The Business Today ranking of the best states to invest in has places MP at 15th position. CEOs in the Business Todal survey have ranked MP as ninth best state to invest in largely because of the proactive role of the State Govt.)

CLSA Rediscovering India Conference at The Grand Hayat, New Delhi to the gathering of investors. (Credit Lyonnais Securities India Ltd.)

Meeting with Ecomonic Mission from Japan at Hotel Le Meridian New Delhi. FICCI: Mr Murosoli Maran, Hon'ble Minister C&I, H.E.Hiroshi Hirabayashi, Ambassador of Japan, Mr. N.Kawamoto Chairman, Japan-India Business Co-operation committee, Mr. Vikram M.Thaper, Chairman India Japan Business Co-operation Committee.
3. 08-11-2000
To Ambassador & SANMOKU-KAI members at Ambassador's Residence, Embassy of Japan Shanti path, Chanakayapuri, New Delhi "Investment Opportunities in MP"
4. 17-08-2000 Presentation in Pacific Asia Travel Association PHD Chembers of C & I at Hotel Lake View Ashoka. "MP Potential Unlimited"
5. 12-08-2000 "FICCI Interface with -CM of MP on New Vistas of MP's economy" at Fedration House, Tansen Marg, New Delhi
6. 31-07-2000 Presentation in M.P. Development Fourum in the presence of Hon'ble CM, Hon'ble Finance Minister Col. Ajay Narayan Mushran at Jehan Numa Hotel, Bhopal on, to the India Resident Miision of ADB, Hon'ble Ms. Clare Short, Secy of state for International Development, Govt. of U.K. "Trends Problems & Prospects in the Infrastructure Sector in M.P."
7. 14-07-2000 Seminar on "Competitiveness of exports from North India: Role of state govt."
PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry
PHD House, opp. Asian Games Village.
8. 06-04-2000 Presentation to his excellency Dr. Henrich Dietrich Dickman, German Ambassador to India & Mrs. E.Bieranaur, First Secretary German Embassy, at New Delhi "Business Opportunities & Govt. Initiatives"
9. 23-03-2000 Meeting with Mr. Willium Daley, secretary, U.S. Deptt. of Commerce
Mr. P.R.Kumarmanglam, Union Minister for power at Taj Palace, Sardar Patel Marg, New Delhi
10. 20-04-1996
2nd National Convention & National Seminar on "Logistic Management in 2000 AD: Changes & Strategies".  
11. 12-08-1995 "Technology Seminar on Network" at Hotel Nisarga, Bhopal
12. 05-09-1994 "Workshop on Data Communication" at Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi, Organised by Cyberexpo & PCQuest  
13. 16-06-1994 "Workshop on Networking" organised by M/s Smruti Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. with Novel at Hotel Residency, Bhopal
14. 10-06-1994 "The Technology Seminar on Trends in Data" Communication and Multi Media" at Hotel Nisarga, Bhopal  
15. 08-02-1995 Workshop on "Turbo Analyst-A Computer Aided Systems Engineering" on at the Residency, Bhopal  
16. 08-02-1994 Seminar on "Electronic Mail-An user Perspective" on at the Residency, Bhopal  
17. 05-04-1993 "Lotus Technical Presentation : SmartSuite/Improve/Notes" on, at the Residency Hotel, Bhopal
18. 10-09-1993 "Workshop on New Project opportunities in Electronics" at MACT Bhopal
19. 02-04-1993
Workshop on Software Development & Export Strategies at MACT Bhopal
20. 29-12-1993
VIIIth convention of Computer Engineers organised by Institution of Engineering (India) at MACT Bhopal
21. 27-11-1992
Workshop on ISO-9000, MACT Bhopal
22. 10-11-1992
Entrepreneurship Development Program at MACT, Bhopal
23. 27-07-1992
Seminar on PC Productivity on 10th June at Inst. of Engineers Bhopal organised by CSI Bhopal chapter.
24. 18-01-1992 Participated as delegate in the seminar on PC and Data Security organized by Computer Society of India, Bhopal

participated as delegate

Conference and Seminars

Seminars / Workshops / Symposiums / Technical Sessions:

  1. CSI Annual Convention 25,26,27th November at Hotel Taj Land End Mumbai.
  2. 22nd IEEE-CS Conference on Software Engg Feb 17-20, 2009 at Hyderbad.
  3. “Intelliactual Property Rights Sensitization Program on 20.3.2009 at Bhopal organized by FICCI and Dipartment of Industrial Promotion, Ministery of Commerce and Industry , Govt. of India.
  4. Attended and actively involved in Organizing as Hon. Secretary CSI “Destination Madhya Pradesh: Investment Opportunities in IT / BPO “, 9th August 2007 at Bhopal.
  5. Microsoft Strategic Architect Forum India – 2007 (SAF) Executive Partner Summit India 2007, 28 Feb - 2 March 2007 at Grand Hyatt Mumbai.
  6. Attended India Leadership Forum – 2007 ; NASSCOM AT MUMBAI
  7. Workshop for “Development of instructional material on Information and Communication Technology for General Foundation Course (GFC)” Nov. 3-7 at Pandit Sunder Lal Sharma Central Institute of Vocational Education (PSSCIVE), NCERT under MHRD ; Bhopal.
  8. Workshop on “Development of Competency based modules on Computer and Information technology related courses” – Oct 21 – 25 2002; Pandit Sunder Lal Sharma Central Institute of Vocational Education (PSSCIVE), NCERT Bhopal.
  9. Workshop on “Development of instructional module in the selected areas of IT for visually handicapped” ; Oct 9 – 11, 2002 : Pandit Sunder Lal Sharma Central Institute of Vocational Education (PSSCIVE), NCERT Bhopal.
  10. Seminar on PC and Data Security organized by Computer Society of India, Bhopal , 18.01.1992.
  11. Seminar on PC Productivity Inst. of Engineers, CSI Bhopal, 10.06.
  12. Entrepreneurship Development Program, MACT, Bhopal 27-07-1992 to 05-09-1992.
  13. Workshop – ISO – 9000, MACT Bhopal 10& 11 Nov. 1992.
  14. VIII Convention of Computer Engineers, Nov. 27 & 28 – 1992, Bhopal.
  15. Workshop on “Software Development & Export Strategies” , 29-30 Jan 1993, MACT Bhopal.
  16. Workshop on “New Project Opportunities- Electronics", 2 & 3 April, 1993.
  17. "Lotus Technology Presentation : SmartSuite / Improve / Notes" Sept. 1993.
  18. Seminar on "Electronic Mail – An user perspective", April 5, 1993, Bhopal.
  19. Workshop on "Turbo Analyst – A CASE Tool”, Feb 8-1994.
  20. The Technology Seminar on “Trends in Data Communication and Multi Media", 8 Feb. 1995, Bhopal.
  21. Workshop on Networking, June 16, 1994.
  22. "Workshop Data Communication" Sept 05, 1994 – Cyberexpo and PCQuest, Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi.
  23. "Technology Seminar Network" 12.08.1995, Bhopal.
  24. "National Convention & Seminar on "Logistic Management in 2000 AD: Changes & Strategies” April 20-21, 1996.
  25. 42Nd Congress of Indian Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics ISTAM 28 – 31 December 1997. .
  26. N1- National Level Quiz on Computer Awareness26-28 Aug 2020, SATI Vidisha.
  27. N2 – “Unknown Challenges in Engineering Mathematics “, 19 Sept 2020, SATI Vidisha.
  28. N3 – FDP – “Next Generation Systems – AI & Machine Learning Application” , 8 -12 Feb 2021, SATI Vidisha.
  29. N4 - International Workshop on “Advancement and Applications in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning “, 19th – 20th March, 2021, VIT Bhopal, IEEE MP

 International Investment / Business

 SEMINARS ATTENDED (Presentations) :

  1. Presentation (18 minutes ppt) in the programme CM meeting with Mr. William Daley, Secy , US Deptt. Of Commerce and Mr P R Kumrmanglam, Union Minister for Power on 23 March 2000 at Taj Palace, Sardar Patel Marg, New Delhi under auspicious of Indo American Chamber of Commerce.
  2. Business Opportunities and M.P Govt. Initiatives” to his Excellency Dr. Henrich Dietrich Dieckmann, German Ambassador to India and Mrs. E. Bierenaur, first secretary German Embassy, at New Delhi 6.4.2000.
  3. Overview of the economic activities of the state and infrastructure facilities in M.P”. to Canadian High Commissioner Mr. Peter Walker., May 23, 2000.
  4. Trends problems and prospects in the infrastructure sector in M.P. development forum” in the presence of Hon’ble CM Hon’ble finance Minister Col. Ajay Narayan Mushran, 17 Jan, 2001, to the India Resident Mission of ADB, hon’ble Ms. Clare Short, Secy of state International Development, Govt, of U.K.
  5. Presentation in “Tourism Awareness Program” , Pacific Asia Travel Association PHD Chamber of Commerce, C & I Deptt., Pacific Asia Travel Association, MPTD, in the presence of Ms Aruna Sharma, Atul Sinha DG, Ramesh Agrwal, D K Samanth Ray , O P Ahuja, 31 July 2000.
  6. New Vistas of M P Economy” in an interface between the Chief Minister of M.P, on 12th August,2000 at federation House New Delhi, FICCI & business men of the country, representative of Central & State Govt. Banks, FIS economic journalists and academicians. (the state was ranked 17th among the 17th major states in term of infrastructure index in 1994. the business today ranking of the best states to invest the in has placed MP at 15th position. CEO’s in the business today survey have ranked MP as ninth best state to invest in largely because of the protective role of the state Govt. in the presence of Mr G P Goenka president FICCI, Mr Ranjeet Vithaldas , Mr Prafull Maheshwari, Mr PC Sen PS , C & I, GoMP, Mr Narendra Nahata Hon'ble Minister C & I.
  7. CLSA “Rediscovering India” conference 8th–10th November 2000. at the Grand Hayat, New Delhi to the generating of investors (Credit Lyonnais Securities India Ltd)
  8. Meeting with economic mission from Japan” at hotel Le Meridian New Delhi on 30th October, 2000. FICCI: Mr. Murosoli Maran, Hon’ble minister C&I, H.E. Hiroshi Hirabayashi, Ambassador of Japan, Mr. N. Kawamboto, Chairman, Japan-India Business co-operation committee, Mr. Vikram M. Thaper, Chairman India Japan Business Co-operation committee etc. etc. etc.
  9. “Competitiveness of Exports from North India: Role of State Govt.” 14 July 2000.
  10. Presentation in the interactive meeting of Hon’ble CM with Ambassador of Japan and First Secy Seiji Takagi on 17 Aug 2000 at Ambassador’s residence, Embassy of Japan, Shantipath Chankyapuri under auspicious SANMOKU-KAI members.
  11. Changing Face of Madhya Pradesh” – Indian Merchant Chamber Bombay, Meeting with Shri Dig Vijay Singh CM of MP, 25 Aug 2000.
  12. A presentation on “ M P Development Strategy” in M P Development Forum on 17 Aug 2001, Hon;ble CM , Hon’ble Secy for International Development, Ms Clare Short, Govt. of Britain , Dr. N J Kurian, Advisor Planning Commission GoI, Ms Chirstine Wallach, Director ADB Manila, Shri Vinod Dhal Secy Finance, GoMP.
  13. “Creating an architecture for people centered developed: The Madhya Pradesh Experience”.
  14. A Presentation on “ Decentralisation : New Opportunities”, a programme organized by UNDP and GoMP – Hon’ble CM, Shri Ajay Singh , Minister for Panchayat and Rural Development, Mr Shree Niwas Tiwari, Speaker Vidhan Sabha.Mr Hafiz A Pasha , UN Asstt. Secy General, & UNDP Asstt. Commissioner; Mr M Y Ghorpade, Minister for Rural Development Karnataka, Mr Mani Shankar, Dr. Brenda McSweeney, UNDP Resident Representative & UN Resident Co-ordinator.
  15. Decentralisation Experience from the field: International best practices”; in presence Mr Adarsh Kishore , Addl Secy GoI, Deptt of Economics Affairs, Mr. James Knight, Fedration of Canadian Municipalties ; Dr Tau Sun , Dean Tiajin , College of Administration China, Dr Kiran Karnik President NASSCOM.