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Evaluation Study of lndira Awaas Yojana
I was associated in the formatting the questionaire according to the requirement of Computer & Programming of the data collectioed.

Designed, Developed and Processed various output reports based on collected data of PSI OMNI Computer [AMD 2901C, PDP 11 based using OMNI COBOL, DBMS (RTFILE) and Spreadsheet (Visicalc)]


Evaluation study of Indira Awas Yojana being implemented under Rural Landless Employment Gurantee Programme in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat, Haryana & West Bengal. The Study was sponsored by Department of rural Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India.


Indira Awaas Yojna seeks to provide houses ill rural areas especially for landless labour, Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes. The scheme harnesses the selected beneficiaries In the construction of their own houses to fulfill its twin objective or constructing houses and generate employment for them (the beneficiaries).


The scheme was to be evaluated on the following points:-
a) That the selected beneficiaries are those which have been envisaged in the scheme.
b) That the house have been constructed according to the design and the requirements of the beneficiaries.
c) That the additional employment has been generated in the construction of house and  that this employment has been generated by the targeted group namely the landless labourers, etc.
d) The local material has been used in the construction of houses.
e) That the labour -intensive technology has been employed for the construction of houses.
f) That the adequate infrastructure facilities has been provided to establish model habitates ; and
g) That the Indira Awaas Yojna has been adequately dove tailed with other poverty alleviation programmes.


The data for study was collected at four levels namely:
1. State Level
Secondary level data was collected to find out the overall position of the    scheme as being implemented in the state.
2. District level
District level data of selected districts from four states was collected in detail to find out the financial allocations and expenditure undertaken under the scheme along with extent to which the physical targets have bean met.
3. Block level
Block level data of sampled blocks in the selected district was collected to gather information about the allotment arid expenditure as well as the various items on which such expenditure was incurred. Detailed information or employment generated and houses constructed too was collected.
4. Village Level
Village level data was collected through field study and that was primary in nature. Ill this level beneficiaries were contacted and individual and group interview of the same were conducted to collect facts about their income, occupation, caste and the houses constructed for them. Opinion about the scheme and house too was solicited.


Study was to be conducted in Four states viz. Madhya Pradesh,   Haryana, Gujrat & West Bengal. In Madhya Pradesh 8 district were selected and 2 blocks from each of these district. Of these 2 blocks all the construction sites were taken which were 2 per block. In this way 32 Indira Awaas sites were canvassed in M.P. Similarly in Gujrat 4 districts, 9 blocks and 16 sites were canvassed. In Haryana 2 districts, 7 blocks and 7 sites were canvassed. In West Bengal 3 district with 6 blocks and 72 villages were canvassed. In this way 17 districts with 38 blocks and 127 sites were surveyed. In all 1497 houses and beneficiaries were surveyed in all the four States.
Systems Flow Chart:



Volume of Data :  15000 records
Language used :  COBOL
Hardware used :  PSI OMNI

1. CPU

:  AMD 2901C (PDP-11 Arch)

2. Memory

:  1 MB RAM
   1.2 MB Floppy Drive
   2 x 1.2 MB FDD
   400 cps DMP Seikosha
   400 cps DMP Honeywell

Indira Awaas Yojna An Evalution

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