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  • Please indicate as to why you wish to join IIIT- Allahabad To increase the field of knowledge and give useful result to students, researchers and
  • How in your opinion do you meet the job requirements as advertised?
    A. Ph.D. (Engg.) in applied Mathematics and 15 years + experience in IT Industry.
    B. Teaching Experience in a Regional Engg. College (MACT Bhopal)
    C. Computer Centre Management in premier financial institution (MPSIDC)
    D. Approved faculty for all computer courses at IGNOU
  • A short paragraph about the research/teaching/development projects you would like to undertake and the course that you would like to handle at UG and PG levels :
    Computer Fundamentals
    Programming Languages-Fortran, Pascal, C, C++, Basic, COBOL
    Database- Theory, X-base, Unify, Oracle
    Data Structure
    Network/OS- Theory, Novell LAN, Windows NT, UNIX, Windows 9X, MSDOS
    Applied Mathematics
    Numerical Analysis
    Operation Research
    Software Engg./SAD/CMM
    Undertake various major and minor projects (Research and Commercial both)